Forensic Services

Petrucelli, Piotrowski, and Co., has the experience you need to handle all your forensic accounting and advisory needs. Whether you are dealing with business matters, matrimonial litigation, or another issue in the area of forensic accounting, we are here to support you.

Our forensic accounting and advisory services include:

Forensic and Valuation Services

Whether you are dealing with a civil or criminal legal matter such as fraud or embezzlement, require an accurate valuation of your business assets, or need a detailed financial analysis for use in court, it is critical to work with a firm that has the experience needed to get you results.

We offer the following forensic and valuation services:

Civil Litigation – Accredited and Experienced. Our team has lots of experience handling accounting and damages issues which are central to many civil disputes.

Economic Damages Calculation – Calculating the damages you have suffered is one of the most critical parts of pursuing your losses. We can help you recover from commercial disputes, breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, business interruption claims, and more.

Labor Union Arbitration – Whether you are a governmental organization, a private organization, or a labor union, labor negotiations can be difficult without a third party to oversee the process. Our labor union arbitration service can help you reach an agreement that suits all parties involved.

Money Laundering – We are experts in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) sanctions.

Expert Witness Testimony – Our forensic expertise gives us the insight that many attorneys need to prove their case. From documentation to evidence analysis, we have the experience and knowledge to make your argument.

Bankruptcy – Whether it be developing a plan for bankruptcy, guidance, or uncovering fraud in bankruptcy. We have expertise in accounting, auditing, reporting, and cash flow management for bankruptcy.

Fraud Investigation – Do you suspect fraud at your organization? We can help you uncover and document it.

Business Valuations

We are familiar with all relevant regulations and have the knowledge to work across industries. With our experienced team at your side, you can rest easy, whether you need valuation of an entire business or specific assets.

Economic Damages Calculation

Review and compilation services are cost-effective alternatives to a full financial attestation and can show an organization’s financial performance from a high level. Let our team give you the insight you need into your organization’s finances.

Shareholder Dispute

Disputes between shareholders, members, or partners can arise for a variety of reasons. We can assist in coming to a swift and equitable resolution.

Matrimonial Litigation

During this difficult time, you can trust our team to handle your case with the compassion and competence you need for your desired outcome.

Litigation Support

the process by which accountants familiar with the commercial disputes provide consultation and advice to attorneys. The kind of support provided can vary significantly from case to case. In some circumstances the advice might mean assistance during research or the provision of relevant facts and documentation, while in others it might entail determining the extent of damages once the case has been tried. Our forensic accountants can play an active role throughout you case and offer investigative accounting and finance techniques.

Labor Union Arbitration

Whether you are a governmental organization, a private organization, or a labor union, labor negotiations can be difficult without a third party to oversee the process. Our labor union arbitration service can help you reach an agreement that suits all parties involved.


We trust our customers and they trust us too

For over ten years Petrucelli, Piotrowski & Co, Inc has been the office I've used to prepare my Federal and NJ State taxes. Living in North Jersey I could easily find a nearby tax preparer, yet I'd prefer making the one-hour drive to work with Tim. My experience working with Tim has been wonderful. He, as are all the employees of the office, incredibly pleasant to work with and thorough. If you want to work with an efficient and pleasant tax preparing office, well, look no further. Petrucelli, Piotrowski & Co, Inc is the office to go to. It's worth the drive. (This is not a paid announcement. 😄) Seriously, you won't be sorry to at least give the office a call.

Barry Sachais

My husband Dennis and I have had our taxes prepared by Tim Piotrowski over 20 years. Originally, when we lived in NJ and now in NC for 15 years.
Obviously, we feel he does a great job with our taxes. He returns our calls promptly, answers all our questions and prepares the taxes in a timely manner. I would recommend Tim and his team to anyone seeking a tax preparer.

Cathy zenatti

Mr Joseph Petrucelli has handled all of my personal and professional financial matters for the past 11 years. From audits, taxes to financial reports for legal matters. His work is detail-oriented and his reports professional and clear. He is always available to speak to and nothing is ever to much or too difficult for him or his staff. Mr Timothy Piotrowski too is just exceptional in his approach. All of the team members are polite, kind, compassionate and hardworking. It has been such a pleasure to work with Mr Petrucelli and his amazing team. I highly recommend him for any financial matter.

Muni N. Tahzib, MD

P, P & Co, Inc. are great. I've been with them ever since my former accountant in Saddle River, NJ was remanded to a federal penitentiary.
Both P, P & Co. partners were and have been wonderful.
More specifically and recently, my appointment this tax season was with Tim Piotrowski on 4/6. He was, and is always, helpful, exacting, informative, kind, and considerate. I could go on and on.

Dorothy Codd

Very knowledgeable accountant and forensic accounting office Both Joe and Tim are very nice guys. They help me threw my divorce so well. I hired them as my accountant for my business and personal. There always available to answer any questions I might have. I’m very happy to have met them both and there office staff. I highly recommend there services.


I highly recommend Dylan for all your accounting needs. He is extremely reliable. I will continue to refer my family and friends. Thank you Dylan!

Christian Ferrer

I have worked with Joe Petrucelli now for the past 6 months and I can not say more about how solid an individual Joe is. I believe he is very astute when it comes to accounting and legal issues and how to optimize his client's results. I would highly recommend Joe and his Company!

Dean Koocher

I truly believe there's no short cuts when it comes to choosing the right accounting firm if you like to keep your peace of mind. I was fortunate to meet Dylan Stone right around when I opened my business. He came highly recommended among our peers and I'm so glad I took their advice. His knowledge and professionalism is unparalleled. In other words: It's the representation my family needs; I'm a client for life! LOL

Michelle Boquin

Excellent firm. Completed our taxes on time and with great expertise. Good to deal with knowledgeable and sensible pricing. Lots of good tax advice.

Elite Force BJJ

I am a happy client of Petrucelli, Piotrowski & Co. They offer high quality tax and accounting services and are always fair with the price!

Evan Rundle

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